About Sam

A committed Conservative, a passionate campaigner.

After the birth of my first child, I worked hard to provide a better life for his family. I saw the benefits that Conservatives in Government provided - increasing the personal allowance meant that we were keeping more of out money in out own pockets each month. Fundamentally, I believe that individuals know how best to spend their own money, not the Government. Though the Government should provide a safety net, individual responsibility is key. This is the foundation of my Conservatism.

By working hard, with my wife, I have built a better life for my family. I now have my own business, so I know the barriers faced by many business that want to get on and grow. Started during COVID, it is a further example of individual responsibility - taking ownership of the future I provide for my family, and providing employment.

I went to a Comprehensive school, and have seen the challenges faced by children and families across this Country. I am involved in politics to make a difference. To put Conservative principles in to action. 

I have been involved with the Party now for over 10 years, and have served as an Association Officer, Association Chairman, Council candidate, Area Officer, and most recently as an Area Chairman.

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I have been involved in the Party for over 10 years. Here you can read a summary of my political history with the Party.